By his own account, Holocaust survivor William Jacob Morgan has lived tangible but separate lives, defined as life before WWII, life during the War, and life after Liberation. From the time he was a boy, Bill wrestled with hatred and anti-Semitism and through his many encounters, was forced to question his own identity and reinvent himself at every crossroad. Against overwhelming odds, Bill Morgan found the courage and resilience to overcome profound suffering and personal tragedy.

As the sole survivor of not only his large family but his entire Polish village, Bill made a promise to himself and to the blessed memory of his loved ones that he would somehow rise above the darkness and persevere. What becomes clear through his true story of loss and renewal is that hard work, faith, determination and love were key to his survival and ultimate triumph over evil.

With his loving wife Shirley by his side, Bill became a successful businessman and together they achieved the American dream. Today they are the proud parents of five children and fourteen grandchildren. The purpose of this website is to share Bill Morgan’s personal saga—the remarkable journey of one man who merged three lives, four countries and four names into a living legacy to the family he once lost.
Yossela Margulies
Stefan Chesnofski
Willie Weisberg
William Jacob Morgan

Wolf 'Yossela' Margulies
Czerniejow, Ploand
May 18,1925

Yitzhak Marqulies d. in Holocaust
Ettel Gabirer Marqulies d. in Holocaust

Sarah, d. in Holocaust
Solomon, d. Stanislawow Ghetto,1941
Bunya, d. in Holocaust
Byla, d. in Holocaust
Two other brothers, d. in Holocaust